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Single or Paired-off: It’s Time to Get Engaged

By Joshunda Sanders ***** This Valentine’s Day, I’m thrilled to host my first guest writer, Joshunda Sanders. Her blog regularly takes my breath away, inspiring me to delve deeper into the love and pain in my writing. She has worked as a  journalist at the Houston Chronicle, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the San Francisco Chronicle, in addition to publishing articles at Bitch Magazine, VIBE Magazine, and many others. You can currently find her teaching in the Journalism Department at the University of Texas. I dare you not to lose/find yourself in this post. ***** In my twenties, I lived on the West Coast. Around the year I turned 25, I was living in California, land of the free, home of the hippies. The Bay Area Joan Didion made come alive for me was not the post-dot com environment that I slurped soup in. But what I loved about it was that I could just do whatever I wanted. I could work out with a group of other single people on steps overlooking Lake Merritt down the street …

Marriage: As Meaningful As You Make It?

by Katina Hubbard I’m basically obsessed with marriage, probably because of my parents’ divorce and my Disney-princess ideas about love. I was proposed to about 5 times before I turned 25. I was engaged once, and felt how heavy a lifetime felt. My ideas about marriage have evolved since then, even to the point where I’m okay if I don’t get married or have kids. My life is about me and my purpose, and if I can’t fit statistically prevalent life events into it, I can still have a fulfilling, prosperous, and meaningful life.

Being Loved by the Most Powerful Man in the World

“He’s romantic, he doesn’t forget dates or birthdays…He always comes through.” She’s talking about her husband, who also happens to be the President of the United States. In a media climate rampant with extra-marital affairs, sexually frustrated politicians, and a steady stream of marriages ending as prematurely as they began, the Obamas are a pillar of stability and love. And though you can never be to sure of what’s happening behind closed doors, Michelle Obama is at the top of my list of Women Well Loved. So what’s her secret? Respect Yourself First. The First Lady told Ellen, “the one thing Barack has done…is support me through everything I’ve done. He’s always had my back.” Which got me thinking. Has he always had her back? Michelle Obama was not ‘jumping for joy’ over her husband’s presidential campaign. In fact, she wouldn’t fully support him until he agreed to quit smoking (he was using cigarettes to cope with the additional stress). Her number one concern pre-, during, and post-presidency is that her children remain unaffected. And according to …