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Turn Off Autopilot: Inequality Is Our Reality

by Katina Hubbard I’m committed to keeping this website about love and being loved. I believe making concerted efforts to heal and grow ourselves and our relationships is one of the most powerful things we can do to change the world. HOWEVER. When someone else does the ranting, especially an articulate, well-informed, and inspiring man, I give him mad props. Here are excerpts from Yahsar Ali’s recent article about the state of women in the western world. I hear the message loud and clear: If I stop noticing that I live in a world where men are more often in power, making the rules, and making more money, I’m perpetuating the problem. My awareness of gender inequality is a crucial step to changing the world for myself and my children.

You Can Blame Me For Our Sexist Society, And Stop Calling Me Beautiful

by Katina Hubbard Ashley Judd had a bad face day. If that’s even possible… So the media did it’s usual thing and went nuts jabbing, jeering, and judging her, including alleged “obvious” plastic surgery and how her husband’s probably looking for a new wife because she’s become “fat.” The American media turned a slightly puffy face into a failed person and a failed marriage. So Ashley Judd did the uncanny, she told the media how it made her feel. With all due respect, considering how horrible media blow-ups can be, this one is a cakewalk compared to egregious treatment other celebrities (with actual plastic surgery and verified wandering spouses) deal with. But I do feel slightly bad for Lindsay Lohan and think Ashley is right in using this incident as an indicator that we’re all suffering, every day, from a toxic atmosphere of body consciousness.

Being Loved by the Most Powerful Man in the World

“He’s romantic, he doesn’t forget dates or birthdays…He always comes through.” She’s talking about her husband, who also happens to be the President of the United States. In a media climate rampant with extra-marital affairs, sexually frustrated politicians, and a steady stream of marriages ending as prematurely as they began, the Obamas are a pillar of stability and love. And though you can never be to sure of what’s happening behind closed doors, Michelle Obama is at the top of my list of Women Well Loved. So what’s her secret? Respect Yourself First. The First Lady told Ellen, “the one thing Barack has done…is support me through everything I’ve done. He’s always had my back.” Which got me thinking. Has he always had her back? Michelle Obama was not ‘jumping for joy’ over her husband’s presidential campaign. In fact, she wouldn’t fully support him until he agreed to quit smoking (he was using cigarettes to cope with the additional stress). Her number one concern pre-, during, and post-presidency is that her children remain unaffected. And according to …