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by Katina Hubbard Last night, I accidentally saw ‘Magic Mike.’ I don’t know how I missed the trailer for this little film that has sent American women into some sort of sexual frenzy, but I thought I was seeing a romantic comedy where someone has amnesia. If you’re like me and you had no idea this movie existed, you probably do now, since it was front page of the New York Times’ Art Section and at the top of the box office charts this weekend. It’s the classic tale of the poor girl with nowhere to turn except to shake her naked ass for money. She enjoys it, and so does the audience, but in the end gets saved from a life of meaningless sex and drug overdoses by a normal Joe-turned Prince Charming. Except in ‘Magic Mike,’ the poor girl who needs saving isn’t a girl, it’s America’s male heartthrob, Channing Tatum.


*HUSBAND/LOVER/FRIEND/GIRLFRIEND/WHATEVER RELATIONSHIP YOU’RE IN by Katina Hubbard Three of my closest friends broke up this weekend. Not with each other, but with their respective partners. I try not to let astrological predictions effect my life, instead I let astrological wisdom support me in navigating the energies of the world. But when Susan Miller’s astrological forecast for this weekend (two days before and after April 15th) said “hide under a rock,” I took note.

How to Make Everyone Happy (Part II: HIM)

Insight into a man’s heart is one of my favorite relationship topics. But in desperate moments of over-simplification, I often lump men and women into polar opposite categories (like I’ve just done with this post and the last). The truth is, though, both men and women have something essentially human behind all of our emotions, thoughts, and challenges. Men and women are biologically a little different, yes, and socially conditioned almost completely differently. However, at the crux of our humanity you’ll find an intersect with our spirituality — and a deep, mutual, longing to be loved. A recent article by Yashar Ali on The Current Conscious talks about this exact issue, in relation to break-ups: The Dull, Chronic Pain of Heartbreak | The Current Conscience. He argues that though women can take months to recover from broken hearts while their men move on instantly, in reality, men “suffer from the same pain, confusion, and sadness [that] women deal with”, they just don’t talk about it. I am committed to empowering the men in my life to …