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My Note to Pro-Lifers: Let’s Do This!

Let’s Get Ready for an Abortion Free World!!

All my anti-abortion people? I’m with you. I don’t like dead babies. I don’t want to kill human babies, or animal babies for that matter. No matter what trimester, what country, what species, nobody wants to kill babies.

So let’s just brainstorm what we, as a country, will have to do to get ready for a world without abortion:

  • We’ll need adequate maternity leave. Like at least 6 months, so that mom and child are emotionally bonded, psychologically stronger, preventing postpartum depression and a whole host of health issues for both mother and child.(1)
  • Once women go back to work, we’ll need federally mandated and regulated childcare so that women have safe places to put their babies while maintaining their careers. It will need to be free so that women can use the money they make at their jobs to house and feed their families instead of spending every last cent on childcare.(2)  (3)
  • We’ll need to legalize breast feeding in public so that women aren’t spending thousands on formula. We’ll also save taxpayers money on health care costs when babies are drinking mother’s milk which prevents allergies, postpartum depression, obesity, types of cancer and other illnesses, plus enhances infant intelligence.(4) (Breastfeeding also reduces fertility, thereby preventing even more abortions…)(5)
  • We’ll need federally mandated paternity tests to find the man co-responsible for the baby and to ensure he’s paying child support for the entirety of the baby’s life. If he can’t pay, his family, next of kin, and eventually the government will need to pay. It ‘took two to tango,’ and the dance lasts 18 years.
  • And we should probably provide free birth control so that women can be sure to choose and monitor her own fertility once she has a baby.

Think we can provide this for all the women who are going through the emotional, often painful, life-changing decision about whether to have a baby or not? Well until we can, we’d better let women CHOOSE whether the time is right to bring their baby into this world.

As it now stands, women do not have adequate rights to be both loving mothers and equal members in society. The least we can do is give them the option to have an abortion.
No pregnancy is terminated without an emotional effect on the mother. Whether its a miscarriage, an abortion, or complications in childbirth that lead to the death of an infant, ask any woman and she’ll tell you she will never, ever forget that moment. It impacts them for the rest of their life.

I actually believe that babies come when they’re ready. If the mother terminates the birth, sometimes the baby soul can be offended and need some spirit-level prayers and healing love, but most of the time little souls understand and can come back once the mother is ready. There’s wonderful stories about toddlers, just old enough to speak, telling their parents how they remember being in their mother’s womb, leaving (due to miscarriage or abortion) and returning for the full-term pregnancy. You can read them in Women’s Body, Women’s Wisdom and Spirit Babies.

I’m pro-choice, without a doubt, but my plea is for the “pro-life” camp to look at the reality women face in today’s world and see that there are so many other social policies that would better support the unborn and newly born babies and the women tasked to care for them. Eliminating access to Planned Parenthood or the option to have an abortion causes so many more problems for an already unequal world.

If the “pro-lifers” put their energy into fighting for some of the above policies instead of lobbying to take away women’s access to our own health care decisions, abortion rates would go down and we’d be one step closer to a more equal, love-filled world.

For further reading on abortion from the baby’s perspective, check out these two books (click the icon):

(1)“The Effects of Maternity Leave on Children’s Birth and Infant Health Outcomes in the United States” Maya Rossin, Published in Journal of Health Economics, 30(2), March 2011

(2)“Crushed by the Cost of Childcare” Alissa Quart, New York Times, August 2013

(3)“Parents and the High Cost of Child Care” Report by ChildCare Aware of America https://www.ncsl.org/documents/cyf/2014_Parents_and_the_High_Cost_of_Child_Care.pdf

(4) “The 25th Anniversary of the Surgeon General’s Workshop on Breastfeeding and Human Lactation: The Status of Breastfeeding Today” Steven K. Galson Public Health Reports (1974-) Vol. 124, No. 3 (MAY/JUNE 2009) , pp. 356-358 Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/25682237

(5) A Case of Promoting Breastfeeding in Projects to Limit Fertility by Alan Berg; Susan Brems

Studies in Family Planning  Vol. 21, No. 2 (Mar. – Apr., 1990) , p. 125 Published by: Population Council Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/1966678


  1. Elena says

    Maybe if people are adult enough to have sex they should protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies. Only 5% are recorded as abortions as a result of rape or incest. So if people just stop killing babies because they can’t be responsible for thier actions and choices this wouldn’t be such a big issue! Your BODY changed cause your CHOICE was irresponsibility.

    • Michael says

      You should probably read the article. Your response is rhetoric and completely ignoring the valid points of what it takes to raise a child.

  2. I loved the article and all the idiots/zealots who immediately side tracked the discussion 😀 It’s incredible how people who has not / cannot conceive, birth or breastfeed an infant has such strong opinion & directive on how others who can & do … should be doing them. Same goes for the debate on abortion – if you need it, want it, you should be able to get it without having to jump through the hoops of social stigma, pressure, shaming, also it should be affordable & performed by a medically trained personnel. No one’s personal or religious opinion should limit another person’s freedom to seek a medical procedure without having to justify their action to any one. If you aren’t raising, breastfeeding or paying for the next 18 years for it, then you don’t get to have an opinion on it – it really is as simple as that.

  3. Wrenchly says

    Well, a few problems with this.
    1: It assumes that all, or even most, women choose abortion for one reason only: A lack, or perceived lack, of social programs to support their goals for motherhood. While obviously true for a substantial number of women, it’s obviously not true for all; many women choose abortion simply because they do not want to be pregnant, or do not want to be a mother under any circumstances, even subjectively “ideal” ones. Would you attempt to tell those of us who oppose abortion that we should support such “choices” for women who abort their children for no reason other than a lack of desire to be pregnant or give birth?
    2: It assumes that one cannot — under any circumstances — be “truly pro-life/anti-abortion” if they do not support your social agenda, which is simply absurd and on the same level as saying you can’t really oppose racism unless you support reparations for blacks, American Indians, and Chinese. While there are certainly arguments to be made in favor of such measures, there are also good arguments against them, none of which are sufficient measuring sticks against which to measure someone’s “racism quotient.” The same is true for those who oppose abortion.
    3: Worst, it assumes you cannot fight any sort of human rights violation unless you have a plan to deal with every contingency for protecting those rights. Would you apply the same requirements on LGBT rights? How about black rights? Women’s rights? American Indians’ rights? Are we to be silenced from speaking out in favor of the basic human rights for ANY other group of human beings without a primary, secondary, and tertiary plan for every single contingency? I sure hope not. Those who oppose abortion do not do so merely because we wish to “force” women to remain pregnant, but because abortion kills a human being — and as long as intentionally ending the life of any human being is regarded as morally and ethically wrong, abortion cannot be a fundamental “right.” Every single argument made in this post could be made JUST AS EASILY to support infanticide, the killing of a child already born; and since you say in the very first paragraph that you oppose infanticide, why make the argument for children only a few months removed? It is both logically inconsistent and morally indefensible from an anti-abortion view. In other words, you’re speaking merely to that you perceive abortion opponents are saying, not our actual fundamental ideology, which is why such appeals fall on deaf ears.

    • Thanks very much for this thoughtful response. I appreciate your comment and value the chance to hear your perspective.

      Yes, I actually do think that women have a right to decide when they want to give birth, even in “objectively ideal” circumstances (though I have no idea what that would possibly be, given the sheer process of being pregnant, given birth, and raising a child for 18 years). If a woman is married and in good financial standing, yet decides to postpone childbirth because of her career path or other life goals she feels are important, though I may not personally do the same, I do believe that is her right.

      You seem to be under the assumption that there is a large portion of women having all the sex they want and all the abortions they want, happy with themselves and their abortions.

      However, every woman who ever faces the choice of a) bringing a child into a world where she is not sure she can adequately provide for it or b) terminating the pregnancy in favor of a later time experiences grief, sadness, remorse, anger, and resentment at not being able to have that baby. It may not be outwardly, but it is always with her, and she will never forget the choice she made, and the life that was terminated.

      The idea that women are going about having abortions as if they are psychopaths is surely fueled by the media and television (mostly created by men) that often flippantly deals with abortion. But just as Disney misleads us about romance, these portrayals are far from the truth.

      Where we most certainly disagree is my hypothesis, based on personal experiences, stories and spiritual teachings, that souls’ whose pregnancies are terminated are able to come back, most often to the same mother, at a later date. If you were to entertain this idea, then you may see my point which is: either we need to support women with all the social services they need to give birth and raise a child in unideal circumstances, or we need to give them healthy, safe options to do so on their own time, via birth control and safe abortions. No woman, no matter how impoverished the situation, or “moral-less” others may deem her, wants to have an abortion. But I cannot convince you of this, you’d have to actually speak with women in these circumstances and hear what they have to say.

      My point is that those who oppose abortion and the grander scheme to remove women’s access to health care are actually doing nothing to support fetus’ and women’s rights. If you, as you are implying, do support these social programs, (though this is nowhere on any Republican agenda), then I’d hope that common sense would allow you to see that federally funded abortion is a healthy stop-gap until we have better social services in place to help women and men start families in healthier ways. Eliminating the ability to have safe abortions, not to mention free birth control, leads to more unwanted pregnancies, more people on welfare, more crime, and more dangerous and often fatal abortions.

      Unfortunately I do call this a human rights issue, but while you are looking at it from the perspective of the fetus’ rights, I’m looking at it from the perspective of the woman’s rights. I’m concerned with her right to choose, her right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, just like I am for every other disadvantaged minority group that you mention. And as far as the fetuses, I believe they are in God’s hands as they come and go from this earth, which they often do (via miscarriages). I myself would never have an abortion, but that’s easy for me to say, because as I young woman I had a supportive family who would have provided for me and my child, and now have a husband who is looking forward to being a father. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone else, and therefore irrelevant.

      Abortion is a symptom of a society that does not provide realistic sex education to teens, equal rights for women, or adequate support for mothers. My point is that if those of us with privilege enough to engage with this conversation worked hard in providing those services and creating those society-wide changes, abortions would naturally go away, and we could stop having this conversation.

      Again I’m very grateful for your thoughtful response, thanks so much for taking the time.

      • Thank you for a very calm and collected reply — I’m sure you know such an exchange usually devolves into emotionalism and epithets as such as dissent is so much as whispered.

        I’m not sure where you got the impression that I am under any misunderstanding that women who seek abortions do so because they have sex with reckless abandon. Do such women exist? Yes — you may deny their existence, but it seems clear – especially in light of the #shoutyourabortion campaign and the many “Stand with PP” protests lately that there are a great many women who *do* feel good, positive, and completely at peace with their abortions. Of course, feelings do not objective morality make, and there is certainly something to be said for repressed emotions which may be there, but not expressed — but I choose to take women at their word when they say that they feel no shame, guilt, anger, sadness, or loss from their abortions, just as I take women at their word when they say they *do* have those feelings. Since I base my opposition to abortion on objective science — the indisputable reality that the unborn are no less members of our human family than are newborns, the elderly, or any other extremely vulnerable members — I don’t need to be too concerned with distorting subjective emotional experiences. That’s neither my goal nor my intent and it does nothing to foster the conversation, honestly.

        Another problem is with the idea that, since embryonic lives may be lost through miscarriage, it’s morally neutral to intentionally kill them. Again, if we use that argument consistently, it would be just as easy to say that, since many lives are killed by natural disasters, mass murder is morally neutral (in the hopes that those people would come back as children in their own families, I suppose?) Everyone, from our own legislatures to a parent who as lost their child by tragic accident, knows that there is a difference between intentional killing and accidental or incidental death. Why treat them as morally equivalent, except as a rationale to defend the morally indefensible? You are beginning with one assumption — that the unborn are not equal in human dignity — without proving it, then creating a case without a foundation. I suppose that works if you assume that objective reality doesn’t exist, but if you admit that it does, I think you have a logic problem here.

        I don’t say all this to be argumentative, but because the original post seems to imply that you actually want to dialogue with pro-lifers on what it is that we actually want — which is not merely reduced abortions, but equal protections under the law for all human beings regardless of age, location, or level of dependence. If that is the case, I hope I’ve given you more than a few things to consider for future discussion.

  4. Alicia says

    Adoption. There is open adoption and closed adoption. If you’re in a place where you are having sec, the. You need to accept that pregnancy is a real possibility. Period.

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  6. While we’re at it, let’s eliminate all hereditary defects. Ending the existence of fetuses that form without all the parts needed for life is a mercy and should be regarded as such. Of course this would not be a problem in our abortion-free world.

  7. Oscar Sessions says

    I disagree with this article. Paternal leave should be 1 year for the mother and 6 months for the father. Paid.

  8. pro choice mother of three says

    I love how most people immediately jump to the point of saying its murder… But let me ask you this, if you are so pro life, do you support the death penalty for crimes? If so then you are not a pro life supporter, you support government funded murder and you cheer for it.
    This country has some messed up notions about what the government and your precious all mighty “Gawd” says. News flash here, a pregnancy is precieved by the body as a parasite to the mother- hence the sickness, hormonal changes and every other change that occurs within her body during gestation.Sometimes the body will abort on its own and you want to say that it’s all in gods plan. The fetus cannot survive on its own with out the mother, simple known fact. Pregnancy in itself is dangerous. Women die during child birth, so much can go wrong… Why should the dumb fucks in Washington have the right to tell me or any other woman out there what can or can not be done in regards to my reproductive health.
    Women today are being treated as less than second class citizens and are having OUR health issues decided on by MEN. Men who cant possibly even being to know what it’s like to have a period, to actually be pregnate. The government is already complaining about how many people who are on welfare and this that and the other but what it boils down to is they want to scream and yell how its murder but once that fetus emerges from the womb, if its to a poor, under privileged mother- then that child becomes a leech on the system stealing their precious hard earned tax dollars.
    Abortions, while I would never have one myself, should be regulated and made safe and obtainable. Abstinace alone dose not solve the problems. People will still have sex regardless, its part of our nature. Stop trying to put god into the government. Separation of church and state for one and secondly stop treating women as if we have no say over our own bodies. If you want to put a ban on abortions then stop killing people via the death penalty- which is murder too.
    Finally, screw all you peole who are against allowing mothers to breastfeed where ever the need arises. I nursed all three of my children and being forced to go into a nasty public bathroom with each of my children and was not only unsanitary for my children but degrading to me as a woman and as amother. My body harbored and nourished this little life you as so staunchly want to defend while its inside my body yet you want to say that the natual way to nourish my baby outside the womb is offensive? You can’t have your cake and eat it too and quite frankly of you don t have a vagina then you have absolutely no say in regards to my or any other womens reproductive health issue.

    • Fighting the real fight says

      How can you even compare murdering (yes it is murder) to capital punishment? What kind of ignorant crap is that??? Take your ignorant, ill educated feminist ass to another county where women actually are treated as second class citizens. This is some self serving bullshit. I can’t even believe this level of ignorance exists. This is why the lefties are impossible to argue with. Pure ignorance, you can’t argue with nonsensical people. Futile….totally and completely futile.

      • streever says

        “How can you even compare an abortion to the State-sponsored MURDER of a living person? How can you?”

        Really, Joe? Capital punishment is barbaric; it’s Code of Hammurabi stuff. No civilized society should be doing it.

        You & I have control over capital punishment; we can ask our legislators to end it.
        We don’t have control over abortion; making abortion illegal does not reduce abortions & endangers women.

        If you want to fight to keep people alive, you’ll have a bigger impact fighting the death penalty.

      • iwenttoschool says

        Reread what you just wrote. The fact that you think feminist is a negative term (it simply means women and men having the same rights) makes you look un-educated. Which is why no one can debate with you. It is not their problem, but yours.

        A more informed, less ignorant response would be: “Unborn babies have not committed a crime that would lead them to be executed.”

      • Hohum says

        You actually didnt make a point or have a basis for an argument. You just name called. So it’s literally impossible to believe anyone would want to have a conversation with someone like you. You act like some kind of playground bully. Use your brain, then use words. It makes more sense like that.

  9. Yeeeshy says

    Guys, this article and comments are a mess. The points made in the article about providing care for newborns and new patents are spot on. Everything else, just, a mess. People in the comments: y’alls a mess. Abortion isn’t murder in the same way that masturbation and menstruation aren’t murder. Abortion is a necessity in any civilised society where women hope to have any independence. Disagree if you wish, but that’s just willful ignorance and a disservice to women. Any argument saying that you should protect yourself is totally unusable in the US because of our sex ed programmes which are often abstinence only. Arguments about fetuses being alive are unusable because science exists and if you’re going to tell me that a parasite with a heartbeat trumps the bodily autonomy of a grown living, loving, breathing, independent human being than you need to reevaluate your life, because honey no.
    OK, end rant. This whole thing is a mess

  10. Jillian says

    This is for those with the “irresponsible” sex comments… Who speaks for the victims of incest or rape? It’s not all about a one night stand folks.

  11. you talk about empowering women but yet by not allowing them the choice to either proceed or not to proceed with having the child you have taken away their power, just saying you kinda contradicting yourself

    • Excellent point! I also find it offensive that they are targeting breastfeeding women as their audience. My spouse breastfed, but I don’t equate that with a pro-life stance. I am not a pro-lifer and I am an avid supporter of breastfeeding.

      • Emma says

        Also, Ian, the author is not saying that breastfeeding is a “pro-life stance.” Actually quite the opposite, she’s saying that often times mothers who choose to breastfeed are stigmatized for their decision, a decision that has serious health benefits for the baby and alters the mother’s hormones so that she is less likely to become pregnant again while breastfeeding. The author is just saying that, if pro-lifers get their way and abortions are illegal, they had better be prepared to see a lot more breastfeeding women in society, and they had better not stigmatize that choice. Additionally, they should support breastfeeding even more so because it helps reduce additional unwanted pregnancies, something they should be a fan of to further reduce the need for abortions.

    • Emma says

      Are you referring to the actual article? The author clearly states that she’s pro-choice. All the stuff at the beginning of the article seems to suggest otherwise but is actually just to appeal to anti-abortionists to make a point.

      • Thanks Emma. Maybe more in-depth instruction on irony and satire should be our next priority after better sex education in our schools.

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the issue here has anything to do with eliminating PP. Conservatives just do not think it should be government funded in any way. If that it the case, I would have to completely agree. Do I think tax payers dollars should go towards something so personal? No. Do I think women have the right to choose? Yes, definitely. Also, if there is an argument saying “The government should help, these women need assistance,” then you have immediately discredited the women you are holding so highly.

    • streever says

      You don’t think that taxpayer dollars should be used to help the poorest of the poor receive *routine* life-saving medical care?
      Wait wait… let me guess. You’re a “Libertarian” who thinks that people should “pull themselves up by their bootstraps”?

  13. Let me just point out one simple misconception: the fetus is NOT the mother’s body, he or she is INSIDE the mother’s body. He or she has their own heartbeat, their own brain, their own fingers and toes. The only difference between a fetus and a newborn infant is that he or she cannot survive without nutrients from the mother’s body. The mother and father created this child, but the mom’s body is an incubator. The fetus is NOT a body part.

    • Over 64% of abortions take place before 7 weeks, so there is barely a heartbeat or brain, not really fingers or toes. And there is certainly one HUGE difference-the fetus is non sentient, it has the awareness of a chair, or a rock basically. It doesn’t even know it exists in any way, it can’t think or feel. A newborn infant is aware that it has needs, that it is hungry or cold or whatever, and a fetus in the first trimester(when over 90% of abortions take place) does not. I’d say that makes them very different.

      • Fetal heartbeats begin 18-21 days after conception. I don’t know what “barely a heartbeat” means, but I know that a heartbeat is a heartbeat. If a heart is beating, it is perfusing a living organism’s brain, lungs, and entire body with blood–regardless of how well formed those critical body parts may be. Have you ever talked to a fetus? Do you know that they are unaware of their needs? Do you know that they can’t feel pain? Do me a favor, do some research–look up some credible, scientific studies and articles. Regardless of when the abortion takes place, you are not expelling a chair or a rock, you are killing a human being. And I’m not even going to waste my time explaining the existence of a soul to you.

    • streever says

      Do you see many fetuses walking around? Playing chess? Having a coffee at the cafe?

  14. Pro-Life says

    Totally disagree. If you chose to have a good time and got pregnant why should you be allowed to have been selfish and then kill an innocent baby. Yes I know there’s different awful circumstances but it’s a baby’s life were talking about! I love Everyone says it’s the woman’s body but what about the baby’s body? Who defends that?

    To the breast feeding comment. I don’t agree with nreast feeding in public personally. Yes it’s natural and now the baby feeds but the mom can clearly pump at home and feed through a bottle when in public. It’s common courtesy. People are eating, they don’t want to see that.

    If we can’t kill people when they’re born why can you kill when them when they need their mom to take care of them the most?

    It’s such a huge deal if someone kills a kid that has been born what how come it’s not if it hasn’t been? Murder is murder and I hope the laws change real soon because more and more baby’s are being killed until it changes.

    God bless those babies.

    • Ashley says

      Pumping is not as simple and easy as you may think. It is meant for times the mother is away from the baby. If mother is with her baby she needs to have the baby at her breast. This is how the milk supply stays up. Most pumps only extract milk, but do not help establish the baby’s milk supply. The less the baby is at the breast the less milk the mother will produce. Find it in your heart to be supportive of breast feeding mothers. If it bothers you simply don’t watch. It’s that simple.

    • I definitely don’t agree with this article as well, but I just had to reply to your comment about breastfeeding. Please know that expecting a woman to pump before going out so she can use a bottle is an unreasonable expectation for a host of reasons. Some babies will not take a bottle. My first absolutely would not, try as I might. Many women cannot pump, their body just will not produce the milk when pumping, this is very real. Some women do not have a pump- they are very expensive. And sometimes the scheduling of the day would.make it difficult to make that happen. I know it makes some people uncomfortable, but she might be too but she has to feed her baby and we should not expect them to go into the bathroom or out to the car or whatever, that is miserable. A hungry baby has to eat.

    • La vie en rose says

      Man, I am pro life too, but comments like that about breastfeeding really turn pro-abortion people and pro life people off. Do we value children or do we not? I think that is part of the point of this article. If we value children, then we as a society need to be understanding when mothers need to meet children’s needs in public, and that includes desexualization of the breast. The breast is not a sexual organ. Its sole purpose is to feed babies. If it is exposed to feed a child, there is absolutely no shame in that. We are mammals and it is natural that we should feed our babies this way. A child is not here as a convenience to adults. A child is here as a blessing, and we as mothers and as a society need to put ourselves aside to take care of its needs. This includes giving smiles rather than dirty looks to breastfeeding mothers you see in public. They are being good mothers and putting their baby’s needs before their own. If we can’t value that, it is easy to understand why some women might be apprehensive about bringing a child into the world. Try kindness rather than judgment.

  15. You can angle your pro-abortion argument any way you wish. Women absolutely have the right to choose what they do with their bodies That does not, however, give them the right to kill a human being. A detectable HUMAN heartbeat is proof of a living being. Before a woman can see her baby, she can see the pulsing heart in an ultrasound. The existence of human life in the womb is undeniable.

    Abortion is NOT a solution for unprotected sex. We hold men accountable for their responsibility to not rape women – as we SHOULD. Women, if you can’t contain your sexual urges, YOU have the responsibility to use protection, and if not, then the “morning after pill.” Deciding that having a baby at this stage of your life is “inconvenient” is NOT an acceptable reason to abort a living being.

    My solution? Allow Planned Parenthood to continue providing all of their other services except abortions. Have PP provide straightforward sex ed to teens in middle school, and again in high school years. Give students a confidential forum in which to express their questions and concerns. and allow them to receive a confidential response. Having PP deliver this kind of information is much less threatening than having a teacher do it, AND the opportunity to ask questions confidentially and receive an answer is priceless to a young adult who is either relying on the uninformed advice of friends, or vague explanations from parents.

    If the author of this article believes in a baby’s “spirit” knowing whether or not it’s their time to be born, then surely you must have some kind of belief in God. If not, then this is simply a story women can tell themselves to justify their choice to abort.

    • A heartbeat is only one indicator of life. The circulatory system is a lot simpler than the other systems, so it forms earlier. But humans can’t survive without lungs, ones that are fully adapted to be able to breathe air. That doesn’t happen until 23-26 weeks gestation, which is why there are only a half-dozen survivors in all medical history born younger, all of whom had severe disabilities. We have no technology available to sustain a fetus without sufficiently mature lungs and pleura. There’s no such thing as an itty-bitty heart-lung machine.

      Aside from these medical facts, I agree with your call for freer access to contraceptives and fact-based sex education. All those countries in Scandinavia and Europe with lower abortion rates than ours start sex ed in the elementary grades. You know how much sex ed is given in most US states? Three days, in high school, to kids old enough that many are already having sex!

      The sex drive is a biological built-in. You’ll never be able to control it through education or religion. No nation has ever succeeded in doing that. What we CAN do is manage the results of sex, the outcome, to prevent pregnancy (if desired), and STDs.

      And to those who say there’s no justification for ever having an abortion, my reply is to look at who has them – poor women, by a very wide margin. Want to eliminate abortion? FIX POVERTY!

      (I’m a medical imaging technologist. I’ve worked in hospitals, family clinics and now urgent care.)

  16. This is actually quite disgusting. If you aren’t financially, emotionally, or otherwise ready to have a child, use appropriate protective measures or don’t have sex. It’s that simple. Yes accidents happen, but there are other options. There is never an acceptable reason to kill a human, fetus, baby, child, or whatever other term you’d like to describe it as.

  17. Steven Brown says

    Find the man co-responsible? If women have the ability to release their responsibility to a child through abortion, adoption etc then so should a man. No one should be forced to become a parent.

    • claire says

      She’s talking about “finding the man co-responsible” in a hypothetical “world without abortion,” in which both parents would be held responsible.

      I don’t think this piece is a genuine call to action to mandate paternity tests, i think its meant to be tongue-in-cheek, making the point that an non-oppressive abortion-free world would be nice but is unrealistic, and becomes more unrealistic when we defund planned parenthood.

  18. This is dark n scary. Killing in the name of irresponsible sex. Just don’t kill and your conscience should hold up. Kill a human part of you and I’m not sure if your mind will ever be able to forgive itself.

  19. So sexist…the man helped create that soul and wants to help care for it..he has no say?

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